In order to achieve better results for massage and aromatherapy, I began mixing my own blends. All products listed below are mixed in house. These are the blends that I have found to work best for not only myself but, friends and former clients. As I mix all blends, I can create a custom blend to match your specific needs. Please contact me if you would like to look into having custom blends created. As I am always looking for new blends to mix and try out please let me know if you have any additional suggestions! 

Massage/Bath Oils

The blends that I have bottled are mixed as massage oils. Essential oils need to be mixed with carrier oils with the correct ratios in order to be applied directly to the skin. These blends are also the perfect ratio to be added directly into baths. Adding the oils into the bath gives you the ability to have the oils soak into your skin while getting the benefits of the heat dispersing them for inhalation.   

Dropper bottle - For adding the oil to either skin or baths. Also great for adding into shampoos or other products. 

Rollerball - For direct application to the skin where it is needed most.



In addition to the bottled massage oils, I have aroma inhalers. These small wands are for inhalation only. As such, they lack carrier oils but contain the same essential oil blends. 

Inhaler - For quick jolts breathed directly. Note that for inhalers, they do not contain any carrier oils. Carrier oils will be marked with an *. All essential oils will be the same. 


These range in price by size and types of containers. 



Essential Oils


For those small aches and pains that life throws your way. 

Ultimate Oil Back


When hectic days just need to calm down. 

Bottles of Essential Oil


A quick help for those headache days. 

Dropper Bottle


When you need to wake up from the perfect sleep, or really need to finish reading that report.